sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017

Infectados: La ciudad del Zol, another return of nut to the return of the Zombies

What would happen if suddenly everybody became a zombie? This is the history of an infection zombie in the coastal City of Eagles and its frightful looked expansion before the overwhelmed one of all, including the security bodies. The priest of the City, father Martín is the carrier of a virus zombie and is obsessed with which he is the best one via than to take for the salvation. Meanwhile the panic unties in all the city and the travellers are advancing. A small group taken refuge in the Castillo of San Juan of the Eagles, will be at the moment the only survivors and among them there are disputes that to settle. Several helicopters of the Civil Guard flew over Eagles of end to tail, since it was in group of forty. Down it waited for a horde of zombies rambling throughout in search of human meat… It can buy eBook in Spanish in Amazon