jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

Iván Ruso is the illustrator of the tests of Claudio Hernández on Stephen King

Iván Ruso, by its quality in its illustrators, has become the usual illustrator, of one of the editors of this Blog, Claudio Hernández or what is the same, the only editor of this Blog. Yes, he sounds In off Topic, but he wanted to mention this decision since the quality of this man like illustrator is valued and if it is possible, to have an international vision. Iván Ruso collaborates with people multitude, but from I make a call to all the writers and publishers here so that they from now on consider it. Claudio Hernández will publish in format eBook and paper near five books this year. From the past month of November already the box of Stephen King is on sale the biography of Stephen King “the beginnings of Stephen King” as well as a tribute to the teacher with anthology of stories “the box Stephen King”. Shortly it will come to the light “the history Tom”, a Thriller and a history that will leave frosts to the females. If you want to contact with Iván Ruso you can do it in his Facebook.y in his personal blog. There are the covers done to date of three first books here;